The Blacklist - Season 1 Episode 13 "The Cyprus Agency" - Promo Video

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I did not like Meera from the beginning. She's stone cold and had a bad feeling about her from the start. Now we know that she's the mole.

My guess is that Red is going to use her till she can than she's dead. 

I can understand Tom's frustration. They won't be a happy couple ever if Liz is going to keep his job and she's not going to quit, she's not the housewife type.

Arrow - Season 2 Episode 11 - Extended Promo

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OMG! Laurel life is in danger because of what she just found out.  I cant wait to see what is going on with Roy. He's obviously not the same guy any more. The question is how this is going to change his life.

Slade worries me. He wants revenge at any cost and that's not good at all.

Sebastian Blood needs to be stopped.

Looking forward to this episode.

The Blaclist - Seasin 1 Episode 1 - Episode Review

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Wow, weird episode, that's for sure. There are so many unanswered questions here that I have no idea which one to start with. So let's take one step at a time.

That morning scene at the beginning of the episode was really bad. Liz was putting on her lipstick while still in underwear, then she  ate something out of the fridge. Well, as a woman, I can tell you that we don't do that. Lipstick is the last one and you put it on after breakfast. She was in a hurry but still had the time to chit-chat with her husband. A bit odd, I would have played that a bit differently but let's move on.

Raymond Reddington, former member of U.S. Military and Intelligence shows up at FBI Headquarters.  He's on  FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitive's list, wanted for espionage, a series of crimes against the government at home and abroad. FBI and Counter Terrorism treats him as a highly respected guest. He's running the show, at some point he even manages to get a very luxurious hotel room. They do almost everything he says and he's playing them big time. Is this how the government treats criminals? Highly unlikely I'd say.

The other odd thing is Liz, an FBI profiler who has no idea who her husband is. Well Liz, congratulations, you are a hell of a profiler.

Apart from that, there are so many things I don't understand. 

I guess there is a reason why Reddington picked Liz. Obviously he knows her and knows much more about her than Liz does.

When I saw Liz's husband tied to the chair, beaten up I thought that's just to get information out of her but now I suspect there is more there. I think her husband is a spy or a criminal and he's definitely involved in something. 

After 20 minutes I wanted to give up watching this show but now I'm curious. I want to see what's the connection between Liz and Reddinton, who is really Liz's husband etc.

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